Our Marriage

Tonight we have been asked to speak at The Chapel pre-marital class dinner. They have a wonderful program that over the span of a few weeks, gives lots of information that, if you pay attention in class, can help make the transition from singleness to marriage a little easier. It all culminates with a class dinner where two or three “newly” married couples come share about their marriages.

This will be our third time, which means we must have a least a little wisdom to share. Only being married three years, almost, I am surprised at that little bit of wisdom. Surprised that it’s there. Surprised at how little.And sometimes even surprised at how much.

Before getting married I thought I was wise about marriage.
Then, I got married.

I quickly learned that wisdom in marriage doesn’t come from knowledge about marriage, but from actually being married. It’s learning about your spouse. Remembering what you have learned. Applying what you have learned.

It’s turning the other cheek, loving, forgiving, sharing, caring, helping, building, nurturing.

It’s amazing.

Thanks to Josh for being on my team, slowly helping to build the wisdom.


No, not us.

Not yet.

Maybe sometime.

At least Josh will talk about it now. Well, he always would talk about it, but now talking about it doesn’t make him sick to his stomach.

Anyway, congratulations to our friends Gary and Jennie Underwood on the birth of their daughter Allison Joy. Check her out here!

They are the real reason behind today’s blog. We are very excited for them! We look forward to watching Allie grow, and watching Gary and Jennie grow as parents.


Well, here I am, another year older. Today is my birthday, not technically until 10:34pm. But anyway, I’m 28. I can’t believe it.

I have never been a big fan of birthdays, at least not my own. Not only because I am aging every year, but because I don’t want anyone making a fuss over me. I have spent the past few days explaining this to my husband. He doesn’t quite understand, but he knows I can be strange about somethings so he just accepts what I am saying.

We spent last night trying to figure out how to divide tonight between our two families. We had already planned to have dinner with my family and cake with Josh’s. Then we found out my family was getting a cake too. Two cakes? For me? I guess 28 isn’t too bad. Along with not being a big fan of my birthday, I am also not a fan of dividing our time between our two families. So, it took Josh and I awhile, and a little argument to nail down how we’d spend this evening. All of which again, made me me not too excited about celebrating my birthday.

Then came this morning. I came to work expecting it to be an ordinary day. A “Happy Birthday” here and there, but no big deal. I was wrong. I walked in the door greeted by a beaming almost 4 year old, yelling “Happy Birthday Kirsten!” Then upon entering the kitchen, I see a cake. A CAKE! For me!! What a surprise! I almost cried! Then the family sang Happy Birthday to me. Again, another huge surprise. It made me feel so special, so loved. What a way to start my day.

I feel better now about celebrating the start of the 28th year of my life. A little more optimistic that it won’t be a hassle. Maybe next year I’ll be a fan of my birthday again. I’ll have to keep you posted.

The Pool

I love going to the pool. I grew up going to the pool, Montrose Swim Club. It was the best pool! It was huge. Two Olympic sized lap pools connected by a diving well, complete with a water slide, a high dive, and two low dives. A giant U shape of fun, and memories. If I am ever asked the question, “What’s your favorite summer-time memory?” My answer is always, “The Pool!”

I can remember going to the pool when my brother was a toddler. That wouldn’t seem like a big deal except for the fact that he’ll be 21 in November. So, toddler time for him was a long time ago. My mom would pack us all up, we’d pile in the car, find a shady parking space and file into the pool. She’d pick a lounge chair near the baby pool so my brother could play, but also so we could easily access her in case of emergency. Or if we wanted her to play with us in the big pool, or feed us, or give us money to buy a snack at the snack bar. Can you say frozen Twix? Yum!

Being there all the time, we made lots of friends at the pool. Some of those friends I went on to graduate from high school with. Though we weren’t close in high school, we always had the special bond of the pool. Some of the friends we made at school, we convinced to become members at the pool. One of those friends and I spent almost everyday of the week there, literally.

We would get up early each morning to check the latest weather report. We always needed to know if it would be a good pool day. For awhile my sister was head life guard and needed to be at the pool from 8am-9pm. Very early and very late in the day, it was too cold to swim, but we were there anyway, often in sweat shirts and jeans until it was warm enough to lay out.

Oh to have the time to just lay out again! We would lay there for hours,listening to the radio, talking, eating frozen Twix. The last time I had a tan was for my wedding. And it was a fake tan at that!

After laying out all day, sometimes we would stay later at the pool for a teen dance party. We made up our own dances, learned dances others made up. We made boyfriends and lost boyfriends. We had the time of our lives dancing, seeing all of our friends, being at the pool.

Sadly, Montrose Swim Club had to come to an end. There was a need for some
costly repairs and the Montrose area was booming with retail business. The club was sold, demolished, and the land is now home to a Swenson’s. I guess it could be worse.

So, this summer, in more than 10 years, I am once again going to the pool. The family I nanny for belongs to a pool so I get to take the kids. We go usually three days a week. It is so much fun to sit by the side of the baby pool, watch the kids play and explore and make friends. What a gift! And to top it all off, this summer I might actually get a real tan.