• lessons learned

    it is a gorgeous night here in north east ohio. there is a great breeze moving through the house. there is one load of clothes in the dryer. one in the washer. the dishwasher is full, but the dishes are clean and dry. the sink is empty. i am showered. my three children are sleeping. and it’s only 9:20pm. i just wrote about not having time to blog and now i have plenty. we had a good day today, not that we have had any bad ones. but today was very good. we went to the park. my aunt shannon visited. we played in the backyard as a family. it…

  • lack of inspiration

    yeah right! i am on inspiration overload. my real problem, lack of time. i’ve had a new post in the works for a couple of weeks now, but by the time night rolls around and i have some ‘free’ time, i am too tired to blog. sad, isn’t it? or great, because i am tired because i have three very healthy and active children who keep me on my toes all day long. it’s not easy and i get frustrated. but i am grateful! i’ll fill you in in a few days. i hope.