• "my God is so big…

    so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do, for you!” i overheard wilbur proudly proclaiming yesterday as i was washing dishes. “i know that song”, i thought, “i bet i haven’t heard it in about 30 years.” turns out little 3 year old wilbur sings this song with his Sunday school teacher mrs. z. and guess what, mrs. z was my Sunday school teacher when i was 3! oh what joy! amelia, a bit bothered by wilbur and i sharing in the joint knowledge of this song quickly proclaimed that her birth mother taught her this song when she was 1. i told her i wasn’t sure…

  • recently overheard in the van

    amelia: wilbur, when i get big, i am going to drive you to school. and to church. and to speech. (she is in speech and thinks when her brothers turn 5, they’ll go to speech too.) wilbur: i not want you to drive me. amelia: well, mommy says i can, when i get bigger. wilbur: well, if you keep drivin’ me and i not want you to, i going to jump out of the van.

  • because it makes me laugh

    and because i want it documented for future reference, i just have to share another wilbur prayer. “dear Jesus, thank You for this day. thank You for my nose. thank You for my boogers. thank You for clifford the big red dog. in Jesus name, Amen.”

  • cool clothes

    oh, i wish i would have known about these t-shirts while we were in the process of adopting. but, i just found them now. if we ever adopt again, i’ll buy some and wear them proudly. check them out at adoptionshop.com.

  • Happy Easter and One Year

    Happy Easter! He is risen! at the start, He was there, He was there in the end, He’ll be there, He’ll be there and after all, our hands have wrought, He forgives oh the glory of it all, is He came here for the rescue of us all, that we may live for the glory of it all, for the glory of it all all is lost, find Him there, find Him there after night, dawn is there, dawn is there after all, falls apart, He repairs, He repairs oh the glory of it all, is He came here for the rescue of us all, that we may live for…