mother's day '07

happy mother’s day. my second one. i can hardly believe it! today also happens to be the day our kids came home, one year ago. can hardly believe that too! does it seem like it’s been a year? well, yes. there are days it seems as if our children have always been here. days i do not question how i feel about them. our choice to adopt them. our choice to adopt at all.

but, somedays, it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year. somedays i look at these precious little beings and wonder where they came from. sometimes it feels like i still don’t know who they are. somedays it feels like i can’t make it another day.

mother's day 2007

and then i wake up today and come downstairs to three smiling faces. three little ones who are excited to celebrate mother’s day, because i am their mom and we are a family. and i got great gifts. hugs and kisses and cards. two pink spatulas, a new set of pink mixing bowls, and a new 5qt. kitchen-aid mixer. we are one of those couples who didn’t register for one when we got married and a few years ago i wished i would have. so, josh made that happen today. it was totally unexpected and will be very much enjoyed. and orville really likes the bowls.

bowl head

so how do you top that off? why a day at the zoo of course! but not with your own children. oh no! they have to be penguins instead!

penguin ameliapenguin wilburpenguin orville

and now that the children are children again, do you think we could get a family picture with grammy and gramps? well, we could try. and we did get a good one but i thought it would be more fun to post one of our attempts.

zoo with grammy and gramps

to those of you who are mothers today, happy mother’s day. to those of you who want to be mothers and are not, i have been there. i know what you are going through and i promise when you are on the other side of where you are right now, you won’t regret the road you’ve taken to get there. and for those of you who have lost children, like our children’s biological mother, your children are in good hands and we love them dearly. and we thank you for your gift.

oh wilbur! how sweet!

ever since Easter Sunday, wilbur has been somewhat obsessed with finding crosses. amelia’s preschool is at a church, where naturally, there is a cross in the front lawn. everytime we leave school, wilbur says, “there a cross!” and then right around the corner is another church, with another cross. and out comes, “there a other cross!”

yesterday, after pointing out the cross at amelia’s school, wilbur and i had this conversation.

wilbur: what a cross?

me: you mean what is the cross for?

wilbur: oh, it for Jesus.

me: why is the cross for Jesus?

wilbur: Him die.

me: do you know why Jesus died on the cross?

wilbur: ahhh?

me: for our sins.

wilbur: oh yeah.

me: do you know what a sin is?

wilbur: ahhh? oh, like nemo have them.

me: awe, that’s sweet. but, i think you are talking about a fin. nemo has fins.

still asleep

it’s 8:11am and all three of my children are still sleeping. this has never happened before. is it a joke? can this be for real? i can’t believe it! watch out little einsteins, today show, here i come!

UPDATE: they slept until 8:44am. i am still in shock.

good day.