my boys

i am very blessed to have three very special boys in my life. i enjoy them immensely, unless they are in trouble. thankfully most of the time, they are not.

i know i recently mentioned how my husband is very amusing to me. well, yesterday i found a couple more reminders of that. these stemmed from our last presidential election. enjoy!

the other day the wilbur, orville and i took a little hike to see a big waterfall.

then yesterday, orville was sad that he forgot to say goodbye to his poopy before he flushed it. he squatted down, took hold of the toilet seat, and said, “oh man, i didn’t say goodbye. you’ll have to wait till next time poopy.” hilarious! (and don’t worry, we keep our toilet very, VERY clean!)

the milk mustache

a mustache is a funny thing at our house. if you have little ones, i am sure it’s funny at your house too. orville especially gets a kick out of having a mustache. i snapped a few pictures of one at lunch yesterday.(aunt heidi, these are for you!)

1st grade

i have been saying for a few weeks now that i am not prepared for 1st grade. amelia will be gone all day. all day! she won’t be here for errand running, which will honestly make it easier. she won’t be here at lunch time, which means preparing less food and wiping one less messy face, though she doesn’t eat too much and she’s a pretty neat eater. but i am going to miss her.

last night at church we had a few minutes together, just she and i. we were walking and holding hands, swinging our arms. i squeezed her hand a little, looked down at her, and had a tear in my eye. “what?”, she said. “i am not ready for first grade,” i said, “i am going to miss you.” she smiled, “i’ll be back.” “i know you will,” i told her, “but you won’t be home for lunch. it will be just me and the stinky boys.” she smiled again, “well, you can just put them in their room if they are having too much gas.” oh, a little bit of joy, and a little bit of sadness.

this morning she was up early. she ate breakfast while i packed her backpack. she put on her dress and fancy shoes(ones that would be reserved for lunch at grammy’s or something special at church). we did her hair, part up, part down, and added two yellow ribbons. we took lots of pictures, with daddy, with me, with the boys. she put on her backpack and told us it was too heavy, but just a little bit. she and i headed for the van.

we prayed on our way to school. i thanked Jesus for the gorgeous weather(it’s 66 and sunny) He has given us for the first day of 1st grade. i asked Him to help amelia have fun. to help her enjoy the friends she knows and to get to know new ones. i asked Him to help her to remember to behave well and to obey her teacher. and i asked Him to help her remember that she belongs to Him. right as i was saying amen, we pulled up to school. it was busy!

we made our way to the playground where all of the kids(and some parents) were lining up, waiting to head inside to their new classrooms. we found ‘our line’ and made it to the end. right in front of us was a boy from amelia’s kindergarten class. they were both excited to see each other. on our way into the school we spotted another friend from kindergarten and once inside the classroom, another friend from church. this eased my nerves.

i know she’s fine. i know she’ll be fine. it’s just my heart is a little sad. and i am already looking forward to school ending today so she can tell me all about it.

in pictures-from just after waking up, to sitting at her 1st grade desk.


amelia has been able to bathe herself for awhile now. however, she always needed my help with the soap. we are not bar soap people and getting the shower gel out of the bottle proved a little troubling for her. last week i bought her her own bottle of soap, with a pump. she was so excited! tonight when she was taking a bath, she asked if i could stay in the bathroom while she got washed. i told her i’ve seen her get washed a million times. she said this time was different though, because she could do it all by herself. so, there i sat, on the stool they use to reach the sink, and i watched her get washed. and she did a great job. and i was overwhelmed. my little girl, 4 1/2 when she came home, didn’t know then that soap needed to be used on your entire body to get it clean. she didn’t understand why she needed to get clean. and she didn’t understand why she needed to get clean so frequently. and now, she understands all of that and can do it all too. it is the little things that make our family so amazing. the littlest things.