crafting with grammy

first of all, welcome to winter on my blog.  my wonderful husband added the lovely snowflakes for me.  aren’t they pretty?

now, on with the show.

i am not crafty.  not at all.  i have tried.  i have failed.

i have thoughts of crafty things.  pretty paintings.  beautifully decorated rooms.  adorable scrapbook pages.  handmade cards.  homemade gift wrappings.  but for some reason, these images that appear in my head, can never be transfered into my reality.

grammy is crafty.  grammy and her friend aunt patti are crafty together.  grammy invited the kids and i over yesterday to make a thanksgiving craft.  i participated.  actually, i participated twice.  i made two squirrels that will adorn the thanksgiving feast table next week.

some photos of our time.

for some really crafty, and very beautiful things, check out my friend ann.

my little girl

well, not exactly sure how to feel about the results of the EEG.  i spoke with a nurse from our neurologists office yesterday.  she shared that the results were ‘normal’.  i thought that would mean the epilepsy is gone.  but it doesn’t.  it means that the epileptic activity wasn’t there during the test.  it could have been there before the test.  it could have been there after.  it could be there right now.  there’s no way to know.

because it didn’t show up during the test, we are supposed to wean amelia from her meds.  she takes 4mL total, every day.  2mL in the AM, 2mL in the PM.  the plan is to remove 1mL at a time, for two weeks at a time.  the whole process should take 7 weeks.  then, no more meds.

she could still have epilepsy.

she could start to have seizures again.

this scares me.  makes me want to freeze time and stay right where i am.  she’s safe from her seizures here.

but i can’t freeze.  the Lord is calling me to move forward.  He’s telling me to trust Him.  and because the future of amelia’s epilepsy is uncertain, i have to trust Him more to move forward, than i do right now.  and that’s what He wants from me.

“trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.  in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”  proverbs 3:5&6

we had a beautiful day today, my little girl and i.  we spent the afternoon at church for a service project for the girls program she’s in there.  it was a busy time, making placemats and encouragement cards for people at our local homeless shelter, and making ornaments for the angel tree dinner our church is hosting.  her pictures on the placemats weren’t so lovely.  her words on the cards were misspelled.  but her heart was so big and sincere.  i am so glad that at such a young age she’s learning about those less fortunate.  and she’s learning how to share Christ’s love with them.

read like this: let the people praise and…

my eyes hurt

i kept wanting to write yesterday, but felt if i did, and said things were going well, something bad would happen.  josh usually takes the kids to church wednesday nights, i kept amelia home with me last night.  around 7:30pm, i was thinking we were out of the woods.  but then josh called at 7:45pm.

josh-we are on our way home from church already(it ends at 8:15).

me-why?  oh know.  what happened?

josh-wilbur’s teacher came to get me, he was a total basket case, crying, saying his eyes hurt.

me-oh great.  he has pinkeye too?  now he has to be home another day.  wonderful!

josh-we’ll be home soon.

they arrived home shortly after the phone call ended.  wilbur came bouncing in the house.  i wanted to check his eyes.

me-wilbur, are your eyes okay?


me-were you crying at church because they hurt?


me-do they still hurt?  where do they hurt?

wilbur-this one(his left eye) hurt right here, on the outside.

me-did the other eye hurt too?

wilbur-no, just this one.

me-it doesn’t hurt anymore?

wilbur-no.  there was something stuck in it.  like a crumb. it came out.

me-when did it come out?

wilbur-in the van, on the way home.

me-so you are fine?  your eyes are fine?


me-next time there is something stuck in your eye, don’t just start crying saying your eyes hurt. raise your hand and tell your teacher, using your words, not tears, that there is something stuck in your eye.  your teacher can help you get it out.

come on

really?  are you kidding me?  remember that saying, “be careful what you ask the Lord for.  He just might give it to you?”  remember me wanting to have real joy today?  well, to help me along, He allowed the following.

phone-ring ring

me-answering the phone-hello

person on other end of the phone-ah yes, mrs. smith?  hi, this is the nurse at xyz school.  amelia’s teacher just brought her down to the office.  we think she has pinkeye.  you’ll need to come get her.

me-oh.  i just sat my boys down to eat lunch, i’ll be there in a few minutes.

this is at 11:45.  orville and wilbur need to finish eating, brush their teeth, go potty and leave by 12:25 so orville can be at school on time.  and i am supposed to go to the grocery store, finish four loads of laundry, bake 4 dozen cookies, prepare dinner for the in-laws, and take amelia to the doctor?

really?  really?  Lord, really?  yeah, really.

i called my mother-in-law.

me-hi.  amelia’s school called.  they think she has pinkeye.

MIL-oh no.

me-do i need to take her to the dr. for this?

MIL-probably not.  they might be able to just call in a prescription for you.

me-are you still willing to come over tonight?


me-i don’t think i can do this.

MIL-yes, you can.  call the doctor.

me-thank you.

got off the phone.  called the doctor.  it’s 12:05 and they are closed for lunch from 12-1.  perfect!

got the boys ready for school.  picked amelia up from school.  took orville to school.  went to the grocery store.  decided a campbell’s supper bakes meal would do.  yes, even for the in-laws.  left the grocery store.  called the doctor.  they probably can call in a prescription and if not, they’ll let me know.

come home.  call my mother-in-law.  tell her about the doctor.  tell her about my blog from this morning.  tell her about the joy.  she laughs.  out loud.  and it makes me thankful that i have her.

so here i sit, at the computer blogging.  the dryer is almost finished, only two loads to go after that.  i don’t need to bake 4 dozen cookies because i can’t go to the cookie exchange.  i’m eating leftover pizza.  amelia and wilbur are playing with legos.  i would like to start pulling out my hair.  but, God just tugged at my heart.  “who’d be caring for amelia if you weren’t?  do you not see the joy in that?”

thank you Lord.

oh, and what’s next?

back to normal?

well, since there’s no such thing, i guess not.  will have wilbur home from school today.  he’s fine this morning, but still had a fever last night.  oh, that darn 24 hour rule!  orville will go, but he has a stuffy nose.  poor little guy.  it’s so hard when they are so little.  he can blow, but not well on his own.  wilbur has the stuffy nose too, and a bad cough.  and amelia is stuffy as well.  and she woke up with red eyes.  she said she was rubbing them a lot in her bed.  and that they had some ‘crunchies’ on them, but daddy helped her and wiped them off.  i decided before we left for school that she needed drops.  big drama!  but the eyes looked much better after the drama ended.  and mommy was able to gently explain the importance of obeying(keeping your eyes open for drops), even when we don’t want to obey.  what do i find myself saying all the time??  ahhh, the joy of parenting.

the joy of laundry, four loads.  the joy of vacuuming, the upstairs only, because i did the downstairs yesterday.  the joy of dusting, haven’t done that in awhile.  the joy of grocery shopping, at least it’s only with one kid while the other two are in school.  the joy of baking 4 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange at mother’s club at church tomorrow.  or should i find joy in buying 4 dozen cookies??  the joy of preparing dinner for the in-laws, which i really am happy to do.  especially because they are watching the kids so josh and i can go to amelia’s school conference.  and they are watching them earlier than we need them to so josh and i can go out to dinner together before the conference.  but, my mother-in-law has become a gourmet cook in her all-the-children-out-of-the-home-days, so my all-the-children-in-the-home-days produce inferior meals compared to hers.  and please know, this is all coming from my brain and my insecurities.  she’s never said anything bad about my cooking.  it’s just that i know chicken and noodles from the oven doesn’t sound as cool as something that has been sautéed or poached.

wow, i am really not feeling the joy today.  the sarcastic kind, yes.  but not real joy.  to my Lord i go.

“bring joy to your servant, for to You, O Lord, i lift up my soul.” psalm 86:4

“the Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and i am helped. my heart leaps for joy and i will give thanks to Him in song.”  psalm 28:7