• after school at the smith's

    last week we brought you 8am at the smith’s.  this week i thought we’d switch it up a little by bringing you after school.  the following took place thursday the 29th.  it was pajama day at the boys preschool.  this is a fun day for the kids, but i don’t like the idea of them sitting around school in their pajamas and shoes.  pajamas getting dirty just doesn’t seem right.  the boys put on clean pajamas before school and then had baths and clean pajamas before bed.  here’s what they looked like before we left for school that afternoon.  cute and goofy as usual, with wilbur being especially goofy. and…

  • my new treasure

    aren’t they beautiful?  there are 24 here, plus a few more black ones.  i let josh have one of those to take to work.  i know, so generous of me.  thank you sam’s club for carrying them.  thank you josh for buying them. thank you wordpress for letting me blog about them.  i’m in sharpie heaven.

  • holding hands

    “I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness; I will take hold of your hand.”  isaiah 42:6 this is the scripture from my devotions today.  wow!  one sentence.  just one. and it opened up a myriad of thoughts in my little brain.  it made me ask the Lord, “why don’t i take hold of Your hand more often?  why do i try to do so much of this on my own?  why do i want to impart all of Your qualities to my children, yet i so often forget to ask for Your help in doing that?  oh Lord, please take hold of my hand today.”   we went to…

  • i took my monkeys to see the monkeys

    the boys and i went to the rainforest friday.  we saw some of the neatest things.  i should have written down all of the animals we took pictures of, but i didn’t think about it until we got home.  we wanted to share some of the pictures with you. we really love these monkeys. they are always taking care of each other. wilbur thought it was so cute when they hugged. and then kissed. he thought it was funny when they did this. orville thought it was funny too. mommy did not. next we made our way the orangutans.  they were very active.  one of the females, kayla, was visiting…

  • 8am at the smith's

    amelia excitedly wondered if her outfit matched.  my reply, “um, no.  nice try.  go change your shirt.” wilbur was on the verge of tears because his leg was hurting.  “maybe it’s growing and stretching,” i told him.  after i held him for a few minutes, it was better.  hmm… orville was still cozy in his bed.