• he woke up this morning

    much to my delight, my little guy was sound asleep when i went in to wake him this morning.  my heart was full of joy and my face full of smile as i leaned down to kiss his sweet face.  he’s still here.

  • heaven

    it’s 8pm.  we’ve been gone almost all day.  we went to the memorial day parade this morning and then spent the rest of the day at my in~law’s.   we’ve only been home about 10 minutes.  as josh and i unload the van, the kids are busy getting their pajamas on and brushing their teeth. i empty the contents of the cooler into the refrigerator and make my way upstairs to check on my little ones.  orville was laying on his bed crying.  i asked him what was wrong and he said nothing.  i asked him if daddy said something(that’s a perfectly fine thing to say) that upset him, like maybe…

  • clean house

    i’m feeling a bit down. in a mood. i need to clean my house, but i don’t want to. then i think, “i have a house, that i get to clean.” i am grateful. i will clean my house, with joy.

  • how do i do this?

    mother’s day is Sunday.  it also happens to be the day we celebrate our sixth anniversary as a family.  we talked about this tonight, right before snack time.  six years ago the 13th, the day our little ones came home. our middle guy said he wanted to talk.  with just me.  i asked him if it was about our family and he said yes.  i offered for all of us to have a conversation over our snack.  nope, he wanted just me. i asked if it was about them coming home.  yes, kind of.  well, we could all talk about that then.  nope, just with me. i asked if it…