i’m not marrying

me:  guys, it looks like those books are going to fall on your head.  that’s not safe.

7 year old:  well, it hasn’t happened yet.

me:  i think it’s time to take the fort apart.  i don’t want you to get hurt.  and you’ve had a terrible attitude toward me when i’ve talked to you about how you’re behaving while you’re using the fort.

7 year old:  that’s not fair that you didn’t let us have that fort that way.

me:  here’s how this works.  i’m the mom and if i see something that seems like it could hurt my children, i stop it.

7 year old:  i don’t like that.

me:  well, i’m sorry, but you don’t get to decide now. when you’re a dad you can choose for your kids.

7 year old:   i’m not marrying.  i’m not gonna be a dad.

me:   why?

7 year old:   so i can just play video games and wear shorts and short sleeves.

i’m not going to tell him, but there’s a slight chance he could meet a girl who wouldn’t mind if he played video games and wore shorts and short sleeves.

and as him mom, i wouldn’t mind either if constantly playing video games as a child wouldn’t harm his growth and development and if he wanted to wear shorts and short sleeves when the temperature is at least above 50.

broken and grateful

thanksgiving.  a day to celebrate all we have.  all we’ve been allowed to endure.  all that has been kept from us.  giving thanks continually, in all circumstances.  all.

i have friends celebrating this holiday battling cancer, battling with their loved ones who have cancer.  i have friends continuing to mourn the loss of loved ones~mothers, fathers, husbands, children.  memories hold them close, but to touch them, to hear their voices once again, to cook this holiday meal with them, is what they’d really like.

sara groves has a song, “what i thought i wanted”.  there are a couple lines in that song that bounce around in my head often as i look at my life, what i had hoped it would be and what it actually is.

i keep wanting You to be fair, but that’s not what You said
i want certain answers to these prayers, but that’s not what You said
what i thought i wanted, and what i got instead
leaves me broken and grateful

the things i am most thankful for are not things i had planned for myself.  i’m not living the life i imagined.  my family doesn’t look the way i thought it would.  in some ways it isn’t fair~to me or to them.  but God didn’t promise fair.

as i look at these faces, these little lives snuggled up on the couch this morning, i am broken and grateful.

as we moved our mounting pile of diapers into the garage last night, i felt broken and grateful.  the amount of lives that will be touched, by something as small as a diaper or a wipe or a pullup, is ast0unding to me.  something out of the brokenness of my life, of this world, brings people together, breaking them, to help others.

we started with this.

and grew to this. 2,220 diapers!

once it got to this point, josh said we needed to move them to the garage.

now we have 3,604 diapers in our garage!  praise the Lord!

broken and grateful.

happy thanksgiving.

i wish i had different parents

it’s finally been said.  in my house.  by one of my kiddos.  to me.

our youngest has been pushing the limits with his attitude.  it’s often unkind and very grumpy.  i’ve been working on reminding him to choose kindness.

this afternoon, as he stood in the hallway and i stood in my bedroom, i told him to choose kindness with his words and attitude or go to his room.  in our home we’re not going to tolerate this kind of behavior.  he burst into tears and let out a very loud and grumpy grunt.  he said he was tired of hearing about this from me.  i told him i’m tired of talking about it.  and then he said it, “i wish i had different parents.”

we’re going to leave out the fact that he does indeed have a set of different parents.  bringing this up at this time wouldn’t help either of us.  so as he stormed down the stairs to empty his school bag, i asked Jesus for wisdom.

i came downstairs, scooped my boy up into my arms and sat down on the couch embracing him.  i pulled away just a bit to look into his eyes.  “i love you,” i said,  “and i’m glad we’re your parents and that you’re our son because i’d be very sad if you weren’t here with us.”  he replied, “i just wish you’d let me wear shorts.”

and that was it.  it no longer had anything to do with me correcting his attitude and his lack of kindness.  he climbed down off my lap and got his halloween candy and asked if he could have a piece.  i said yes.  apparently mean parents try to correct attitudes and don’t allow shorts on cold days, and we also allow halloween candy at random times.

our first diaper drive donation

the kiddos and i had lunch with grammy(josh’s mom) today.  i told her i got started on the diaper drive.  she said, “i know, i have a donation for you.”  our first one!!

will you join me in praying over these diapers?  pray over them when you buy them, pray over them when you send them or drop them off, and continue to pray.  the people receiving these diapers, the children who will wear them, the people who will put them on the children~they all need prayer!

for His glory!

“not to us, O Lord, not to us
but to Your name be the glory,
because of Your love and faithfulness.”
~psalm 115:1