amelia and i had our follow up appointment with the orthopedic doctor this morning.  before we went, we prayed.  we thanked the Lord that the injury wasn’t any worse.  we told Him that we’d like to have a smaller brace. and we asked Him to help us be okay with the outcome, no matter what.  we’d be okay if we got a smaller brace.  we’d be okay if we had to keep the big one.

we waited for an x-ray.


then we waited for the doctor, who had the results of the x-ray.


the knee cap is back in place.  the small fracture is still there, but apparently that doesn’t matter.  what matters is we took care of her knee well and it looks great.  the doctor was very pleased!  he said we could switch to  a smaller brace!  he said she can go back to basketball!  amelia said, “yes!”  i gave her a high-five and my heart praised the Lord.  He has brought healing to our sweet girl’s knee.

the new brace actually feels good and allows her to bend her knee.  she was so excited about that!



she’ll be back on the court saturday.  she may be a bit slow, but she’ll be back.  praise the Lord for healing!

goodbye seven

as i tucked him in last night i said, “this is your last night being seven.  i can’t believe it!”
he replied, “i don’t like eight. i like seven better.  well, goodbye seven.”

i honestly like seven better too.  actually, i like 15 months the most, the age you were when you came home to me.

when you came home to me.

you were so big.  so chubby.  so chunky.  your aunt ashley used to say you should tell me to stop putting rubber bands on your arms because your arms were so rollie pollie.  and i knew you’d be big.  your worker latrese, the first time we talked about you, told me, “that baby, he’s big.  he’s cute, but he’s big!”


the day we met, it seems like yesterday.  you were uncertain of being to close to me.  i got to hold you one time.  i’d give anything t0 be able to hold you for the first time again.


your little soccer shirt was the first article of children’s clothing ever washed by me in our home.
i’d love it if you were little enough to still fit in it.


you were such a funny little guy.  and always so happy.  always smiling.  always lighting up the room.






you’re still super smiley.  and very funny.  you like to lead.  you’re loving and kind.  you have such a sensitive little heart.  you love sports and video games and board games. you love to draw and write.  and the thing that makes this mama’s heart most happy is that you love Jesus.  you love to sing about Him and to Him and to write songs for Him.  don’t lose any of that and you’ll always be just fine.  no matter what comes your way, praise Him and seek Him.


you used to fit perfectly on the ottoman.  now you’re way too big, but you lay on it anyway.


always leading.


i had to run ahead of you so i could get a picture of your cute face.  and oh what a cute face it is.
i can hardly get enough of your sweet smile, my boy.






i know our story isn’t an easy one.  this path is hard.  but i am so glad i get to be a part of your life.  i’m so grateful to the Lord for bringing us together and that i’ve gotten to watch you grow and change over the last seven years.  i love you so much.  happy day of your birth.

hello eight.




a small fracture

we had an orthopedic appointment thursday.  the dr. confirmed the subluxation.  he also confirmed most of the pain was under the knee cap.  this concerned him.  he ordered a sunrise x-ray.  the sunrise x-ray confirmed a small fracture.  a piece of the knee cap chipped off in the fall.  it’s a small piece of bone floating right next to the large bone.  no surgery is needed, praise the Lord!  it just needs to be braced for the next month until we go back.


IMG_0895 - Version 2




see the very small(very small!) crescent shape to the right of the knee cap?  yeah, that’s the broken piece.


our little girl has been quite the trooper these past few days.  she’s hobbled along and complained very little.  she’s a sweet thing, taking what comes and dealing with it when it arrives.