3 + 3 = 6

8 years ago, in may, josh and i had our last date night before our three kiddos came home.  we went to our favorite little italian place, zeppe’s.


last night we went to zeppe’s again because God is bringing another sibling group of three into our lives. the restaurant has been remodeled in the past few years and in many ways, so have we. we both have longer hair.  josh has more facial hair.  we’ve been married for almost 13 years.  we’ve been parenting for 8.  and now we are growing by three.  again.


these three kiddos are 5, 3, and 1.  those are the ages our first three were when they came to us.  we met them wednesday night, just the two of us, just like the first time.  they were sweet and cute and busy.

this afternoon i went to pick them up to bring them for a visit at our house.  we would have loved to have gone to get them as a family, but we can’t all fit in my van and it seemed silly to take two vehicles.  it is strange to need little kid car seats again.


our kids were so excited to meet the three little ones.  they kind of ambushed us in the kitchen as we made our way into the house.  they quickly gathered together in the living room to visit and share toys.


i can’t post pictures of their sweet faces so this will have to do.  they sure are cuties! they were with us for a few hours.  it was loud and busy.  all six kids got along really well.  we enjoyed a meal together.  preparing three extra plates wasn’t such a big deal.  neither was preparing three extra drinks.


they are scheduled to come back again next week for an overnight visit.  please pray for us as this is obviously going to be a big adjustment.  please pray for them as they move from one foster home to another.  this is strictly a foster placement at this time so please pray the Lord’s will be done in their lives and ours.

i’m exhausted, but will give you insight into our hearts and minds soon. yes, we are crazy, but in a good way!







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