3rd grade unit 5 religion test study guide

wilbur and i are studying for his religion test.  i’m getting sleepy.  i’m starting to drift off into a light sleep.  not good.  for his test, wilbur needs to be able to answer questions about 10 Bible stories.  we’re going over each one.  he’s telling me what he remembers.



we’re talking through moses and the burning bush.  i’m drifting.  he moves on to the story of jairus’ daughter and how Jesus brought her back to life.  i continue to drift.  so not good.  i begin to tell him that he needs to remember his soccer shoes.  that he should just put them in his bag.  and not to forget his soccer shirt.  he asks me what i’m talking about.  i tell him i don’t know and ask him to tell me about jairus’ daughter.  he tells me he already did and now he’s on to the next story already.  oops!  tired parenting.

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