a heavy heart

this isn’t the week for matching.

the staffing for the three will likely take place next week.

the staffing for the four has been pushed out for another month and a half.

i wrote wednesday that we are okay with waiting, and we are. well, there is a little bit of anxiousness, but it subsides when we remind ourselves it’s all in God’s hands.

so why the heavy heart? the sibling group of four is having some issues with visiting, behaviors, possible future behaviors, that wouldn’t be easy to deal with. they have been failed so much and their issues are stemming from them being failed. i am so fearful that they will continue to be failed. that they won’t be placed in a home that will love them the right way. and teach them the right way. and won’t help heal their pain. and lead them to the Lord.

it’s frightening to me that they could get lost in the system because people may be scared to put themselves out enough to make things right for these little lives.

and do you know what song just came on as i type this?

“trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding
in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight
don’t worry about tomorrow, He’s got in under control.” –sixpence none the richer

please pray for us. for heavy hearts. are they from the Lord?

and pray also for these children. they so desperately need it.

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