a kite

*written april 10, 2008. sorry it took awhile to post!

amelia made a kite at school. she talked about it for days. some of her friends had already taken their kites home, but her kite wasn’t quite finished. she was so excited to run with her kite as she had seen her friends do. she was so excited to have a kite like daddy and gramps do when we go to the beach. and finally on monday, her kite came home. when i got out of the van to get her from school she came running, yelling, “i have my kite, i have my kite!” “oh, that’s so exciting!”, i exclaimed. i suggested she give it a try. she threw it up in the air. i told her to run with it, run fast to the van, but stay on the sidewalk. she took off! her beautiful curls bouncing as she ran, kite up in the air behind her. it actually worked. and i cried. she was so perfect, so innocent, so excited. and this never would have happened if she weren’t here, with us. there would have been no mommy to pick her up from school. no van to run to. no one crying as they once again realized what a beautiful and special gift she is. i wish i would have had my camera. but i did have her pose for a few shots at home. here she is, with her kite!

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