a little piece of pineapple

sometimes the littlest things can get under my skin in big ways.  this morning at breakfast wilbur told me he was having a hard time chewing and felt like he needed to cough.  i told him to swallow his food and then go ahead and cough.  he couldn’t seem to do that.

he said he was chewing some pineapple.  some of it went down.  some of it couldn’t.  i told him to take a drink.  he did, then kept chewing.  i told him to take another drink and swallow the pineapple and the drink together.  he took another drink, then kept chewing.  i sent him into another room to finish chewing and swallowing because the chewing was starting to drive me crazy.  after a minute or two i asked if he was still chewing.  he was.  i told him to come back to the table to get another drink and to try again to swallow the drink and the pineapple together.  he took another drink, and kept chewing.  i sent him back to the other room.

i called josh.  got his voicemail.

i called my friend erin, and while i was dialing her number i thought, “really kirsten?  you can’t figure this out on your own?”

i was annoyed.  i was frustrated.

erin and i talked it through.  i had given wilbur a few pieces of pineapple.  he had eaten them all with no problem.  but this one little piece was becoming a big problem.  at least to me.  do let him spit it out?  do i make him sit until he swallows it?  i told erin my verse from my devotional today was

“i can do everything through Him who gives me strength.” philippians 4:13

did i really need the strength of the Lord to deal with a piece of pineapple?  erin and i got off the phone.  i went in to wilbur.  he was still chewing.  i asked him to show me the piece of pineapple.  it was so small he could barely find it in his own mouth!

i had him come back to the table.  i had him take a bite of toast.  i told him to chew the toast and pineapple together and then to swallow them together.  he did.  it went down.  the pineapple was finally gone.

i called erin.  “the Lord did give you His strength”, she said, “and He gave you wisdom.”

“i call on the Lord in my distress, and He answers me”  psalm 120:1


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