a slight obsession

orville has a strange obsession with my feet. it started quite a while ago. he used to get very upset when he’d get in the bathtub and there were fuzzies in the water. fuzzies from his own feet. so, we’d check his toes for fuzzies before he entered the tub. he didn’t like it much and would usually cry some. to ease the crying, i’d offer for him to check my fuzzies. he thought this was hysterical.

his checking my fuzzies went from before his bath, to after his bath. while watching TV and reading stories. it also went from checking my toes for fuzzies to smelling my feet, holding my feet, hugging my feet. sometimes he likes to put things in between my toes too. like tonight when we were getting ready to pray before bed. ladies and gentlemen, i bring you my feet, adorned with french fries and potato chips.


  • Lee

    That is great! What a detailed kid he is. ;o) I love the look of concentration on his face in the first picture! :o)

  • Ann Moore

    Ok, just remembered your feet. Isn’t that funny? You used to do your toes in our dorm room. Remember?? Weird that we lived together for a while! And they still look perfect. Makes me realize I need to go get a pedicure!!!!

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