a small fracture

we had an orthopedic appointment thursday.  the dr. confirmed the subluxation.  he also confirmed most of the pain was under the knee cap.  this concerned him.  he ordered a sunrise x-ray.  the sunrise x-ray confirmed a small fracture.  a piece of the knee cap chipped off in the fall.  it’s a small piece of bone floating right next to the large bone.  no surgery is needed, praise the Lord!  it just needs to be braced for the next month until we go back.


IMG_0895 - Version 2




see the very small(very small!) crescent shape to the right of the knee cap?  yeah, that’s the broken piece.


our little girl has been quite the trooper these past few days.  she’s hobbled along and complained very little.  she’s a sweet thing, taking what comes and dealing with it when it arrives.

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  • Autumn Simpson

    She has been a real trooper!!!! 🙂 If she says the crutches hurt her under her arms you maybe want to get some pre wrap and tell her to use her arms more than leaning on the crutches! I was very glad when my sister told me this information!!! Glad to hear it wasn’t anything worse!

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