about us

May 2018 Photo credit Michelle Hill https://www.raeoflightphotos.com


consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin. luke 12:27



i’m kirsten. pronoucned k-ear-sten.

daughter of the King, follower of Jesus, sinner saved by grace, wife of Josh for almost 18 years, stay at home mama to nine kiddos-all adopted from foster care.

i am passionate about adoption and “seeing the lonely set in families” Psalm 68:6. i usually stay up too late, probably drink too much Coca Cola, always have laundry to do, really want to live right at the edge of a body of water someday, and try to pretend my 12 passenger van is really a jeep. i long for the day when there are no more children in foster care waiting to be adopted and no more children aging out of the system because the church has stepped in and become their family.

here, at lilies considered, i share about foster care, adoption, marriage, parenting, and the ways Jesus is molding me and shaping me to be more like Him.

my handsome hubby josh is a super talented graphic designer. God has graciously given him a job where his skillset is used and appreciated.   our kiddos range in age from 17 to twins who are 3. we are fumbling our way through this beautiful, messy, chaotic story the Lord has written for us-our hope to faithfully follow Him wherever He leads.

February 2016