after the overnight

things went really well.

all six kiddos slept through the night.  the entire night.  josh and i woke up several times.  we both so wanted to the new littles to be comfortable, and apparently they were.

we usually have pancakes and eggs on saturday mornings so this one was no different.  everyone ate well and then they were off to playing.

video games were a big hit.


the 5 year old was having a hard time getting the hang of things.  he was turning his whole body instead of just the steering wheel.  josh tried to help him out.


the littlest munchkin loved looking out the front door!


and these two just rested with the leappad at one point.


at lunch time, i told the three year old that after lunch she was going to take a little rest and then go back to her foster mommy’s.  her response, “i wanna stay here wit y’all.”

and then on the way to her foster mommy’s she asked, “who be drivin’ us?”  “oh, that’s josh”, i answered.  “i like josh”, she said.  oh my heart!  i told her i like him too!

things were again busy and messy and loud.  but, the day was great.

our next visit is wednesday, when they move in!

thankfully, several weeks ago, i had booked our sitter so josh and i could have a date night this night.  perfect timing after a long day!  it was so good to have time out with him.  heavy conversations about all that is happening right now, but also lots of laughs and just time being together.

chinese for dinner.


a gorgeous sunset on our way to our old pre-kiddos stomping ground-barnes & noble.


fun with my man.


and in case you missed it a few lines up, the kids move in wednesday!


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