ahhh, the joys of parenting

Lord, please tell me tomorrow will be a better day!

not that today was horrible. we actually had a really nice morning. first our daughter, c1 had speech, and then we met some friends at the park to play and have lunch. (oh yeah, i just decided today that from now until we can share the kids names, our daughter will go by c1, our middle son c2, and the baby, r. someday it will be clear, but for now, that saves me from typing extra words.) then we went to the grocery store for a much needed potty break, and a few food odds and ends.

once at home, the boys went down for their naps, but not before c2 needed some poopy cleaned out of his underwear. this happened again before dinner and again after dinner, and again after that, right before bath time. at this point, we opted for the pull-ups so we can avoid poopy underwear throughout the overnight. anyone have any poopy training advice? we are all ears!

also before bath time, c1 was outside playing with special bubbles she got from her Sunday school teacher last night. dad needed to come in for a second, and i was getting the bath water ready. during this time, c1 decided to pour her bubbles out onto the front porch, and onto my shoes. yeah, my shoes. this landed her in time out, with no more bubble playing for the night. then i found out from josh he had told her not to pick the bubbles up while he was inside, because he didn’t want her to spill them. so, she deliberatley disobeyed that AND poured the bubbles on my shoes. yes, i know, it’s kind of funny. but, we are working with trying to teach appropriate behaviors here.

things could be worse, i am well aware of that. they could be setting fires and cussing and destroying our lives. but they are really good kids. and we are very blessed. and tomorrow will be a better day because every day is a better day. and, tomorrow is a preschool day which means if the boys will take a nap when i put them down for a nap, i could have two hours on my own. whoo hoo!

i’ve had 85 hits today so far, but only three comments on the post i posted last night.  who are you kirsten’s blog readers and where are you coming from??


  • Lee

    I know I come by often…even a time or two a day. But I haven’t been on the other 83 times. So you really are getting lots of lookers, but no comments! You have a secret fan club I think :o)

  • Anne

    Hey you- I am on my ER rotation right now waiting for people to come in! I was thinking of you, josh, and the kids and thought i would catch up on your blog! I’m very happy for you guys and I know your kids are so lucky to have you both! Also, thanks for the birthday wish! Love you!

  • Rachel

    I stop by every now and again from the Ostovics site. I love to read the updates. Praying for you often!
    Rachel Gurnish

  • Fiona

    I’m one of the mystery hits. I’m a Mum of three in Australia. We are waiting to adopt our fourth. (the big kids are biokids aged 8,6, and 3).
    So happy to see your family coming together, and praying that God’s hand continues to cover you all.

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