an early birthday present?

the kids have VBS this week, 6:30pm~9:00pm.  josh and i have date nights.

tonight we went to sam’s club and then red robin for dinner.  we weren’t craving it, or even really terribly hungry, but we hadn’t been there in a long time.  and we hadn’t had a date night in a long time(aside from last night).  and we don’t know when we’ll have a date night again(we’re not counting tomorrow night).

we sat down.  we ordered.  i wanted to make a quick trip to the bathroom.  on my way i noticed a group of men.  i thought, “that’s nice, they must work together and are just getting dinner at the end of the work day.”  and i then i noticed one of them looked like mac powell, from third day.  without hesitation, i stopped and asked. “are…”, that was all that came out, but i was thinking, “mac powell?  third day?”  and he said, “yes!”

i asked what they were doing.  “finishing our dinner,” mac replied.  “no, what are you doing in town?”  “oh,” he said, “we’re here for the alive festival.”

and i told them how we used to go to alive, every year.  and then we adopted three children and that stopped alive for a few years at least.  and he told me he and his wife have three biological children and two adopted, domestically.  and another band member, tai, just finalized a domestic adoption.

and we exchanged “nice to meet you’s”.  and they told me they’ll be in town again this fall for a concert.  and they suggested we get a baby~sitter and come to the show.  and i told them i was going to let my husband know they were there, but that he wouldn’t make a scene.

and i went to the bathroom.  and in the bathroom i thought, “i should probably ask if i can get a picture.”

and on my way back from the bathroom, i stopped and asked.  and they said sure.  and their manager asked if i could wait a minute so they could pay.  and of course i could do that, so i went back to my seat.

and while i was sitting, and feeling a little nervous, they paid for their dinner.  and some of the guys went to the bathroom.  and the manager went out to their transportation and grabbed a band photo that he brought back in and had them sign.  i watched, from my table, and thought i saw them signing something, but i didn’t want to assume.

and then the manager motioned for me to come over.  and i went.  and josh brought his phone to take a picture.  and the manager took his phone.  and josh got in the picture too.  and we said good~bye.  and they left.

and i couldn’t believe it.

and i still kind of can’t believe it.

they were so kind.  and they love Jesus.  and they’re adoptive dads, some of them.


tonight was like an early birthday present.

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