and then you turned 10

these past five years have been a whirlwind. we met you when you were almost exactly four and a half. your first birthday with us, you turned five.

you were so excited to turn five. some days, it was all you talked about. and when the day finally came, you were ready.

you wanted to dress up, but it was a cold day. a long sleeved shirt under your fancy dress did the trick.









you were lavished with attention and gifts. this was perhaps the first time one of your birthdays had been celebrated in this way. so much commotion. so much attention. all about you. all for you.

you took it in well. i think you were a little overwhelmed, but you didn’t really let it show. you were observant. you were cautious.

you were surrounded by love. by a family. by gifts. everyone, everything, to celebrate you.

as each birthday arrived, after that first one with us, i’ve not been able to wrap my mind around the passing time. you were four the first day i saw you, and now you’re ten.

double digits! now, always and forever, double digits. no more eagle’s nest. no more memphis kiddie park. no more kid’s meals(well, at some restaurants you’ll still quailfy, but not all), no more children’s rate at disney world.

no more nine.

no more eight.

no more seven.

no more six.

no more five.

no more four.

no more of those years before i knew you.

now you’re ten.

and you’re a beautiful ten.

you’re sweet and silly.  you’re gracious.  you’re forgiving.  you’re resilient. your heart is tender, and yet so strong.  your heart is big.  your faith is big.  your dreams are big.   you’re loving.  you’re fun.  you’re mine.

you’re the little girl i dreamed about when i was a little girl, longing to grow up and be a mommy.  you have the brown curly hair and the big brown eyes i’d always envisioned a daughter of mine to have.

and you’re the perfect fit for our family.  a perfect daughter for your dad and i.  and a perfect big sister for your brothers.

we’re so grateful for you.  for the gift you are to us.

celebrating last night with family~with dad, waiting to open gifts.









celebrating tonight at rita’s.









watching a ferrari pass by.









celebrating you, our princess, with a new book reminding you you’re God’s princess too.











happy birthday beautiful girl.

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