and we're home

and i’m exhausted.  really.  i really am.

things went well.  amelia did great.  much better this time around.  two years ago she was a basketcase.  couldn’t lay still.  couldn’t fall asleep.  couldn’t stop crying.  today, she was perfect.  thank you Lord!

our arrival

visiting with the fish in the waiting area

starting to relax, waiting to get hooked up to the machine, watching the wiggles on disney

all hooked up, 28 little buttons all over the head, and one on the heart

getting sleepy

the doctor should have the results in a couple of days.  i’ll let you know.

thanks for your prayers!

oh, and Jesus?  yeah, right there by our sides.  the whole time.  providing His perfect peace.

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  • jane

    been praying for you guys a bunch! and will continue to…praying for the medical team too.

    and regarding today…wow! if it is pink eye: keep everyone’s hands washed.

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