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it’s early. 4:30 now, but i woke up at 3:20. amelia needs to be sleep deprived for her EEG so i needed to wake her by 3:30. and josh kept her up till almost midnight. they ate swenson’s around 10pm and watched tinkerbell. she started falling asleep towards the end so they played Wii fit. yeah, at 11:30pm. we’ll all be exhausted tonight! yet in the midst of my sleepiness right now, i can’t help but wonder how this would have worked if she weren’t living with us. would someone have quietly walked into her room, lifted her shade, whispered to her, and rubbed her back to help her wake? would they have carried her heavy seven year old body down the stairs in the dark? would they have started the tinkerbell movie at 3:45 in the morning. and eaten a bagel with her at 4:15? we may not always do a wonderful job as parents, but i know we always try our best. i am so thankful she’s with us. i’ll keep you posted on the rest of the day.

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  • bri

    That is precious. We are never going to be perfect parents but that’s where learning and improvising comes in. Ü Y’all are doing a great job. God could not have chosen better parents for them. Aren’t you all lucky to have found eachother.

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