he sat across from us in the counselor’s office waiting room.

he was probably 5 and a half feet tall.  probably in his early teens.

his skin was a smooth, very light tan.  his hair was short, but wavy.

he looked sweet.  he looked sad.  he looked like a confused and hurting little boy.

he was wearing an orange shirt and pants, the kind people wear in juvenile detention.

he was in trouble.

he broke my heart.

his dad accompanied him, but sat with a seat in between he and his son.

no words or glances were exchanged during their 45 minute wait for the therapist.  they had come early. and they sat there.  together, but alone.

it broke my heart.

this poor boy needed someone.  he’s probably needed someone for a very long time.

behind him sat a teenage girl.  she was talking with whoever brought her in but it obviously wasn’t her mother because she talked about her the entire time.

the men in and out of their home.  in and out of their lives.

the one guy who cared enough to call children’s services because he felt mom was being neglectful.

and she was.  and the kids were removed.  and now they all live with different people.

she talked about it as if it was okay.  as if it were normal.

it broke my heart.

i hoped my children weren’t hearing the conversation.  i hoped the movie that was playing and the games that were being played on my phone were enough of a distraction.

i hoped i wouldn’t hear too.  but i did.  even when the talking was quiet, it was as if my ears wouldn’t close.  they wouldn’t stop listening.

it was as if the Lord was telling me He won’t let my heart stop breaking.  He won’t let me be blind or deaf to the problems in the lives of hurting children.

that girl is on my mind.

that sweet boy in the orange suit is on my mind.

angel is his name.  i watched and listened as the therapist came to get him.  as she introduced herself, briefly explained that he was there for psychological evaluation, and asked him to join her.

and i prayed that he’d be okay.  that he’d get the help he needs.  that he’d get the love he needs.

he just needs someone to love him.  someone to really love him.


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  • Kristen Patton

    You are the BEST person I have ever met. Your heart is so HUGE and you inspire me to be more loving, and a better woman of God. Thank you for your life and living it out LOUD!!!
    The “other” K:)

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