at the park

we were at the park yesterday afternoon.  the one right down the street.  just the kids and i.  we took a basketball.  we attempted to play a game of basketball.  it didn’t go very well.  but, we had fun.

the boys were running so fast.  and they were always trying to steal the ball from one another.  amelia wasn’t running quite as fast.  and she was pretty much scared of the ball.

standing in the middle of the basketball court, i remembered so clearly bringing them to this park the first summer they were home.  i was always afraid they’d fall and get hurt as they ran around the court.  i was especially afraid of little orville falling, as he had only started walking the day before he came home.  i tried to keep them on the playground where things seemed a little safer.

they have grown so fast.  they have changed so much.  getting to the park used to be such a task~a diaper bag, drinks, snacks, a stroller, a wagon, etc.  and it was so much work for me once we got there.  everyone needed to be pushed on the swings, and orville was in a baby swing.  they were scared to climb up the ladder to the slide.  they were scared to go too high on the “climby things”.

yesterday we all walked and all we took along was the basketball.  and we all played together.  and no one needed my help.  and we had fun.

as much work as those early days were, i miss them.  and i know when these days pass, i’ll miss them too.  and i am so grateful for all of this time with these three precious kids.

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