back to normal?

well, since there’s no such thing, i guess not.  will have wilbur home from school today.  he’s fine this morning, but still had a fever last night.  oh, that darn 24 hour rule!  orville will go, but he has a stuffy nose.  poor little guy.  it’s so hard when they are so little.  he can blow, but not well on his own.  wilbur has the stuffy nose too, and a bad cough.  and amelia is stuffy as well.  and she woke up with red eyes.  she said she was rubbing them a lot in her bed.  and that they had some ‘crunchies’ on them, but daddy helped her and wiped them off.  i decided before we left for school that she needed drops.  big drama!  but the eyes looked much better after the drama ended.  and mommy was able to gently explain the importance of obeying(keeping your eyes open for drops), even when we don’t want to obey.  what do i find myself saying all the time??  ahhh, the joy of parenting.

the joy of laundry, four loads.  the joy of vacuuming, the upstairs only, because i did the downstairs yesterday.  the joy of dusting, haven’t done that in awhile.  the joy of grocery shopping, at least it’s only with one kid while the other two are in school.  the joy of baking 4 dozen cookies for the cookie exchange at mother’s club at church tomorrow.  or should i find joy in buying 4 dozen cookies??  the joy of preparing dinner for the in-laws, which i really am happy to do.  especially because they are watching the kids so josh and i can go to amelia’s school conference.  and they are watching them earlier than we need them to so josh and i can go out to dinner together before the conference.  but, my mother-in-law has become a gourmet cook in her all-the-children-out-of-the-home-days, so my all-the-children-in-the-home-days produce inferior meals compared to hers.  and please know, this is all coming from my brain and my insecurities.  she’s never said anything bad about my cooking.  it’s just that i know chicken and noodles from the oven doesn’t sound as cool as something that has been sautéed or poached.

wow, i am really not feeling the joy today.  the sarcastic kind, yes.  but not real joy.  to my Lord i go.

“bring joy to your servant, for to You, O Lord, i lift up my soul.” psalm 86:4

“the Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and i am helped. my heart leaps for joy and i will give thanks to Him in song.”  psalm 28:7

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  • Diana

    Hang in there. We all have days like this. Today I’m feeling like 2 of my kids are definately for rent. I do want them back at some point, but for right now, I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with them. Thanks for the reminders to find joy in the journey!

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