amelia has been able to bathe herself for awhile now. however, she always needed my help with the soap. we are not bar soap people and getting the shower gel out of the bottle proved a little troubling for her. last week i bought her her own bottle of soap, with a pump. she was so excited! tonight when she was taking a bath, she asked if i could stay in the bathroom while she got washed. i told her i’ve seen her get washed a million times. she said this time was different though, because she could do it all by herself. so, there i sat, on the stool they use to reach the sink, and i watched her get washed. and she did a great job. and i was overwhelmed. my little girl, 4 1/2 when she came home, didn’t know then that soap needed to be used on your entire body to get it clean. she didn’t understand why she needed to get clean. and she didn’t understand why she needed to get clean so frequently. and now, she understands all of that and can do it all too. it is the little things that make our family so amazing. the littlest things.

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  • Ann Moore

    I love it…. and it is true, the littlest things. I love how passionate and thankful you are for your family. And it reminds me of a song we love here… it’s at the end of “Meet the Robinsons”. A part of it says: “Our lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders.”

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