being thankful by giving

i have a God-given passion for foster care and adoption.  i think it started when i was a child, though i was unaware of it then. the Lord continued to build this passion inside of my heart until it started to break forth the day i realized i probably wouldn’t conceive our children.

i have been asking the Lord for months to break my heart for what breaks His heart.  a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning after church i was singing this line, “break my heart for what breaks Yours, everything i am for Your Kingdom’s cause” from hosanna(precise moment is 3:44).   the Lord spoke to my heart, “I am breaking your heart, you don’t have to keep asking!”  i knew He was calling me to step out and do more with this foster care/adoption passion He’s placed inside of me.

a couple of weeks ago we attended the stop the trafficking conference at our church, the chapel.  some things i heard there rocked me to the core. carolyn custis james, author of half the church, told of a dung heap where infant girls are often discarded. she said that traffickers wait there and take the girls so they can raise them to be trafficked into the sex industry. but Christians also wait there and if they get to the infant girls first, they take them and raise them as their own daughters.

during an interview with terry pasko, a lieutenant from the vice squad at the akron police department, he was asked who are the most vulnerable to trafficking in our area. the lieutenant answered, “the disenfranchised youth: the runaways, the throwaways, the kids in foster care.”

adoption.  foster care.  there they are again.  i can’t escape them.

i literally can’t. our children were adopted from foster care.  i see them every day.  i care for them every day.  i love them as my own every day.

i worked with many foster and adoptive families when i was a child abuse & neglect social worker for a county agency. i saw things i didn’t want to see.  i heard things i didn’t want to hear.  i carry stories and faces in my heart.  i pray they never leave.

God has been breaking my heart for our local foster care and adoption community.  He recalled in my mind an interview i heard with jami kaeb on midday connection(you can listen to it!  you should!) back in may.  i reached out to jami that very day, but then let it go, thinking it wasn’t the right time for me to get involved.  but now, i think it is the right time.

i have been asking the Lord to show me ways i can come alongside and support this community.  for the month of november, and until december 16th, i am hosting a diaper drive!  i will be collecting packs and boxes of diapers and wipes and pullups to donate to summit county children’s services(CSB)and first glance in akron.

donating to CSB will help foster parents, adoptive parents, birth parents, infants, and toddlers.  a lot of lives can be touched with the purchase of one pack of diapers or wipes!  and more importantly, when i spoke with a CSB representative she said the diapers will most benefit “the kids having kids.”  this means the diapers will greatly benefit the teens in foster care that are some of the most vulnerable to human trafficking.

donating to first glance will help them provide diapers for their teen moms and young moms programs.  this will benefit the moms and the children, again with the purchase of one pack of diapers or wipes you can help improve lives!

i am choosing to start this diaper drive in november because november hosts the holiday of thanksgiving.  most americans try to spend some, if not all, of the month thinking of things we’re thankful for, blessings we’ve received.  i want to spend the month being thankful by giving diapers and wipes to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.  would you join me?

if you would like to donate a package of diapers or wipes to the diaper drive, please contact me at

hosting this diaper drive is hopefully just the beginning!

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