come on

really?  are you kidding me?  remember that saying, “be careful what you ask the Lord for.  He just might give it to you?”  remember me wanting to have real joy today?  well, to help me along, He allowed the following.

phone-ring ring

me-answering the phone-hello

person on other end of the phone-ah yes, mrs. smith?  hi, this is the nurse at xyz school.  amelia’s teacher just brought her down to the office.  we think she has pinkeye.  you’ll need to come get her.

me-oh.  i just sat my boys down to eat lunch, i’ll be there in a few minutes.

this is at 11:45.  orville and wilbur need to finish eating, brush their teeth, go potty and leave by 12:25 so orville can be at school on time.  and i am supposed to go to the grocery store, finish four loads of laundry, bake 4 dozen cookies, prepare dinner for the in-laws, and take amelia to the doctor?

really?  really?  Lord, really?  yeah, really.

i called my mother-in-law.

me-hi.  amelia’s school called.  they think she has pinkeye.

MIL-oh no.

me-do i need to take her to the dr. for this?

MIL-probably not.  they might be able to just call in a prescription for you.

me-are you still willing to come over tonight?


me-i don’t think i can do this.

MIL-yes, you can.  call the doctor.

me-thank you.

got off the phone.  called the doctor.  it’s 12:05 and they are closed for lunch from 12-1.  perfect!

got the boys ready for school.  picked amelia up from school.  took orville to school.  went to the grocery store.  decided a campbell’s supper bakes meal would do.  yes, even for the in-laws.  left the grocery store.  called the doctor.  they probably can call in a prescription and if not, they’ll let me know.

come home.  call my mother-in-law.  tell her about the doctor.  tell her about my blog from this morning.  tell her about the joy.  she laughs.  out loud.  and it makes me thankful that i have her.

so here i sit, at the computer blogging.  the dryer is almost finished, only two loads to go after that.  i don’t need to bake 4 dozen cookies because i can’t go to the cookie exchange.  i’m eating leftover pizza.  amelia and wilbur are playing with legos.  i would like to start pulling out my hair.  but, God just tugged at my heart.  “who’d be caring for amelia if you weren’t?  do you not see the joy in that?”

thank you Lord.

oh, and what’s next?


  • bri

    Ha ha. Again be careful what you ask for (“What’s next?”)

    God has a great sense of humor don’t you think. I always find myself going back to find out the question I asked or the “specific” I asked God for after I am getting a “double dose” of HIS Wisdom! haha! It makes me know how little I am and how little I have control!

    Blessings. I hope Amelia gets better as well as the boys, real soon!

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