could it get any better than this?

it used to be cool when a guy would slip you a note in 7th grade. or take you to a movie and look silly while he was trying to figure out how to hold your hand without making it obvious that he was trying to figure out how to hold your hand. now after 5 years of marriage, it’s really cool when your husband writes a post about you on his blog. so, i have to direct you here. he’s just great!

and we had a great night away last night. the poor people that we are now, we were only able to travel to a hotel 7 minutes from home, but it really did feel like a trip far off somewhere. we ate dinner out, went swimming in the hotel pool, and went out for ice cream. we slept in and had a good hotel breakfast. we watched a family with 5 children eating together and we were thankful for the break from our 3. you always hear people say getting away every once in a while is a very good thing and now we can testify to that. it’s only been 3 months, but the break was needed already.

and, we needed time to be just us.

and we had a really good time.

thanks baby.

looking forward to next year!

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  • Stephanie

    Sounds like you had an awesome time, that’s great! It’s hard to believe that next year we will be married 10 years! It is amazing how much your relationship grows and changes, huh?

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