i love crayons.  especially new ones.  especially crayola ones.  i asked for some for Christmas,  from my sister-in-law art teacher.  she liked my choice of gifts.  she bought them for me.  the 120 count box.  remember when 64 count was the biggest?  


because i love my crayons, i want them to be taken care of.  i will not share them.  not with my husband.  not with my children.  i explained this to the kids when i opened my crayons on Christmas.  “these are mommy’s crayons.  they are for mommy only.  you have your crayons.  you use your crayons. you cannot use my crayons.  ever.”

last night i sat down with my crayons.  i dumped them, gently, on the table.  i picked a picture out of a coloring book.  i started to color.  it was fun!  


we have a rule for the kids that they can’t dump crayons all over the table.  their crayons are in a basket and they can reach in and get out the color they need, then put it back.  before the kids went up to get ready for bed, they saw my “mess” of crayons.  josh said, “do you know what you’re teaching the kids?”  thinking we were going to hear about how it’s not fair that mom can make a mess and the kids can’t, wilbur chimed in,  “you’re teaching us we don’t have to share.” 



my test paper.


my finished product.


my favorite part, the stockings.


colors used:

  • for the holly and holly berries: pine green, maroon
  • for the stockings:  wild blue yonder, olive green, blush
  • for the mantel and fireplace surround: beaver
  • for the hearth and firebox: antique brass
  • for the logs: sepia and desert sand
  • for the fire: brick red, sunset orange, macaroni and cheese
  • for the log grate: gray
  • for the dog: desert sand and mauvelous
  • for the rug: wild blue yonder, olive green, blush
  • for the gift: wild blue yonder, olive green, wisteria


  • bri

    hahaha… I want to know which one of the children let you have/shared their coloring book with you to use only YOUR crayons on??? hahaha

    I love new crayons also. I always buy the boxes after the school shopping rush is over at the beginning of the school year and they are 10C a box. Priceless. Random enough I love the way they smell! hahaha Guess I am not alone!

  • Lee

    Glad to see you are teaching your kids good values like not sharing! :o) I love your new crayons!! I absolutely love coloring with crayons! I can’t even fathom 120 different colors and shades! You did an amazing job on your stockings hanging by the fire picture! :o)

  • H.

    Envy is bad. I envy your crayons. Not because I like to color. I just like the beauty of perfectly pointed, unscathed crayons sitting neatly in their box. Enjoy!! 🙂

  • Ann

    I love it. Just like my new pencils, my kids told me the same thing. “Mom, you always make us share, you need to share those pencils” No Way!! I love it. New, sharp crayons are the best!

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