donny + jennifer + wayne dawson + fox 8 news + the word church = shocked and humbled josh & kirsten

from donny, on monday sept 16th:

“good morning!  jennifer and i have a pretty big surprise God is allowing us to give you.  the thing is we have to give it to you this thursday at around 11:30.  would you two PLEASE be able to be home then?  i know it’s A LOT to ask especially this week with so much going on.  but i do promise if you could please trust us and do this for us you will not be disappointed.”

we had our fire inspection that tuesday and our final homestudy visit that thursday night.  we were busy and exhausted.  but, we’ve been friends with donny and jennifer for 12 years.  we know them.  they know us.  when they send a text like that, there’s no hesitation to follow through with their request.  there is no hesitation, but there is wonder.  there are nerves.

at 11:30 last thursday morning, josh and i sat anxiously in our living room.  then i saw a news camera coming up our front walkway.  then i saw a news guy on our front porch.  what in the world was happening?  we were in complete shock.

turns out a local news station, fox 8, hosts a segment called pay it forward where their anchor wayne dawson partners with the word church to pay it forward to “unsung heroes”.  donny and jennifer wanted to pay it forward to us for reasons i’m still not totally sure about.

so there we were, on our front porch with donny and jennifer and the camera lady and wayne dawson.  i’m pretty sure i looked like this most of the time because i was in shock.


i don’t actually know what all was said and done while all this was going on.  did i mention i was in shock?  because, i was in shock.  i do remember donny saying something very meaningful and wonderful to us,but i don’t remember exactly what he said.

i do remember jennifer asking me to hold out my hands so she could pay it forward to us.  i also remember telling her i have a hard time receiving things.  i wonder if that will be aired!

i do remember wayne asking us why we do what we do re: adoption and foster care.  i do remember josh answering with something about the Lord.  and something about commands in scripture to care for widows and orphans and that at this point in our lives it’s orphans.  and something about being obedient.

i do remember filming some in the bedroom we’ve been preparing for our 2nd adoption.  they wanted us on camera preparing the room for our newest little ones.

i do remember my mother and father in law arriving and hearing my mother in law’s excitement as she realized what was going on.  her joy for us said so much.

i do remember wondering what exactly was going on.

and i do remember feeling extremely grateful.  and i still do.

our segment of pay it forward airs for the first time tomorrow night at 6:30. it airs again friday at 6:30am.  it airs again sometime on saturday and sometime on Sunday. and it airs once again on monday the 30th(also josh’s birthday!) at noon.

i am excited to watch it so i can see what was actually happening and actually being said.  and i am excited that the Lord will be proclaimed by my husband on the news!


here we are!  jennifer, donny, wayne dawson, josh, and myself.

here’s another one with josh’s parents, todd and candy.


we hope you can tune in and watch.  know i’m slightly nervous because i bet i did look completely shocked the whole time.  and know that squirrels like to chew on our front porch columns.  and know that we know that our siding needs power washed.

most importantly know that we are shocked and humbled and grateful.


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