when people first hear about our family, they tend to have some questions.  here are the ones we are asked most often.

Q: so you have three children?
A: yes.

Q: you seem too young to have three children already.  how is that possible?
A: our family was formed by adoption.

Q: so you have three adopted children?
A: yes.

Q: when did you adopt the first one?
A: we adopted them all at the same time.

Q: what?  you adopted three children at one time?
A: yes, we did.

Q: how did you do that?
A: well, we were crazy.  and, honestly, we didn’t do it, God did.  He called us to it so we followed Him.

Q: are they related?  are they biological siblings?
A: yes.  they are.

Q: how old were they when you adopted them?
A: when they came home, they were 4 1/2, 2 1/2, and 15 months.

Q: did you always want to adopt?
A: josh and i  both always thought adoption would be a part of our lives some day, after we had a few biological kids and they were older.  but, God had different plans.

Q: do the kids know they are adopted?
A: yes.  well, and it’s quite obvious looking at our family that they didn’t come from us so it’s not like we could hide it.

Q: do they talk about it?
A: yes.  we all talk about it and we thank God for how He chose to make our family.

Q: so now you’re going to adopt again?
A: yes we are.  we are in the process of a second adoption.  we don’t know who, we don’t know when, but we know something is going to happen.  you can find out more here.

have a question that isn’t answered here?  just ask!  if it’s appropriate for us to answer, we will!  you can easily reach us here.

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