final visit

we had a great final visit with our kids tonight. we went to an indoor play/dinner place. they have video games, skee ball, etc. they also have this really great sliding board/tube/little tikes houses area for the younger kids. and, it’s free! not dinner though, of course.

so, we ordered our food and went to play until it was ready. the kids had a great time climbing and sliding. and when they called for us to pick up our food, the kids were ready to eat. they all ate really well. chicken fingers, fries, applesauce and milk. josh and i had cheeseburgers and fries. after dinner, it was time for more playing. we played for about 45 minutes straight. we were all tired! we loaded in the van and traveled back to meet up with their foster mom.

tonight i surprisingly didn’t feel overwhelmed. for the past few days our near future has been weighing heavily on me. but being with the kids tonight, i just felt full of love for them.

our final visit was only about two hours. that seems short until i think about the kids moving in on saturday. then we have a lifetime together.


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