five months

oh, so much for posting something everyday. what was i thinking? i still have plenty to write about, probably more and more as each day passes. but, i am still tired, most of the time.

the kids have been home for five months, as of the 13th. that means it will be six months in a couple of weeks. wow. things are going really, really well. the kids seem to continue to adjust in a normal way. is there such thing as normal? they continue to grow and change and learn.

our daughter is totally in love with pre-school, and it shows. she loves to play teacher now. even asks her brother to play and pretend he is her teacher, who is a female. he now pretends he does go to school. talking about what she says she did in school on a given day as if he is the one who did the stuff. it is really irritating to her, and really funny. and now that she’s in school, and five, she thinks she’s all grown up. everything she can do, she claims it’s because she’s five. she actually does seem a bit older now. not sure if that’s because we are getting used to her and she’s getting used to us. or maybe it really is because she’s five now. we also just realized she’s starting to say ‘i love you’ to us even when we don’t say it to her. this is pretty big since she’s aware of what’s happening in terms of being adopted. it shows us she’s really bonding to us.

we are still having poopy issues with our middle one. when he’s older he’s going to hate that this is on my blog so i won’t elaborate. i have a feeling we are getting somewhere though, so there is hope. other than that, he is a very sweet and sensitive little guy. he’s very into following rules and making sure we do too. ie, “mommy, you not allowed go potty in you bed. you have to get up and go in the toilet.” okay, thanks buddy! and he loves lazytown and finding nemo. and, he’s not taking naps anymore so it’s been fun to have one on one time with him while the baby is sleeping and his sister is at school. this will be the only time i have that time with him because he’ll be in school next fall too.

and the baby. he’s not really a baby. he’s 20.5 months old. but he still wears diapers and still loves to be held alot. he’s not talking, but we think he can and just won’t. he’s got four other people in the house to speak for him so why not keep quiet. oh but if only he would. he’s a very whiney guy much of the time. mostly because he wants to be held. it could be worse i guess. and someday he won’t want us to hold him at all so we are trying to cherish the time while we have it.

our social workers were over last week and we are getting closer to finalizing things. we should be on adoptive status by the end of the month and in court to legalize everything sometime in january. it’s all very exciting, but since we are getting so used to having the kids around that things already seem finalized. and maybe once we’re on ‘status’ i’ll feel comfortable posting photos. how long can i hold out already? we have a million pictures, and some of them are just so darn good. hopefully soon you’ll see. hopefully soon.

there are so many exciting things going on in adoption blog world. i still need to update my links with the adoption blogs i read. until i do, you need to head over to unexpected miracles and see how gorgeous this child is! and while you’re there, dig into the story a little, quite amazing.

my desire continues to post more. we’ll see what happens. until then…


  • Lee

    Thanks for your update on your blog!! I look most everyday…hoping that just maybe you have blogged :o) Looking forward to catching up in person in a little over a week! Can hardly wait to see you again!! Love, Lee

  • Steve

    I am glad things are going. As an adopted child who had some adjustment issues, I am sure that you and Josh are doing the very best you can. I am sure that at some point in the future your children will rise up and call you blessed.

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