friday is finally coming!

the littles are coming for an overnight visit tomorrow night.  tonight after bath time, my sweet girl, the one who started this all, said to me, “friday is finally coming!”  “honey, friday has always been coming”, i reminded her. “yeah, but it seemed so far away and now it’s close!”

i paused as i combed through her freshly cleansed curls.  what a great reminder for my heart and my mind, “friday has always been coming”.  six children in my home tomorrow night is not an accident.


He knew tomorrow was coming.  He had planned it and written it down way before the first day of my life.  and since it is coming, we are busy preparing.

josh’s back is much better.  he was able to go all day without pain meds.  and he was able to work on the door to the littlest kiddos’ room.  it wasn’t closing right and needed some sanding where it meets the door frame.  i kept telling him i was nervous he was going to hurt his back, but the only time he got hurt was when he knelt down and his knee landed on a screw.


yes, that’s a pink shirt.  and yes, that’s a winter cap.  he wears that when he’s working around the house to keep his hair out of his face because i don’t like it when he puts his hair in a pony tail.

the boys and i spent a couple hours out this afternoon picking up a few things for the littles.  we started with this.


and ended up with this.


our middle guy said, “that’s a lot of stuff.”  when you add three kids, you need a lot of stuff.  this is just the beginning.

please pray for our night tomorrow night.  pray we all get along well.  pray for the little kiddos, their little hearts and minds as they may be afraid of sleeping in a new and strange place-different rooms, different beds, different people.


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