from numbness to elation

yesterday afternoon i felt pretty numb.  it scared me at first.  it seemed negative.  then i realized maybe it was God’s provision for me.  i could have been a crazy emotional mess, but instead, i was just still, quiet.     i wasn’t feeling much of anything.

it was hard to fall asleep last night.  it was hard to think about the baby-was he asleep already?  was he scared?  was he crying?  was he being treated well?

then it was morning and the fears entered my mind again. was he okay when he woke up?  was he looking for us?  was he crying out for us?

i entered our usual morning craziness.  having 6-7 children getting ready for a new day, all at one time can, be pretty crazy.

i made my way to Bible study.  with only two kiddos in tow, it was strange.  i kept thinking i was forgetting things-the diaper bag, the sippy cup, the extra snacks.  i felt numb again.  God’s provision again.

Bible study was good.  God has placed me in a group of wonderful women.  there was genuine concern and interest for our family.  there was prayer for our family.  peace for us, protection for the baby.

thank you to all who are praying for us.

this afternoon i got a call that i needed to pick him up early, not for any serious reasons, he’s just fine.

from numbness to elation.

he came back today instead of tomorrow.  gone for one night, not two.

God’s provision.  God’s protection.

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