i’m packing up my boys for a night with grammy and gramps.  the boys are so excited.  grammy is so excited.  i’m sure gramps is too, but i haven’t talked to him about it.

as i’m placing their clean clothes for tomorrow in their ‘traveling to grandma’s house’ bags, purchased by grammy of course, i’m overcome with emotion.  my eyes tear up.  my heart overflows with gratitude.  i’m struck with the thought that this is how it would be if i could plan it.  i’m struck by the fact that this is really how it is.

my children have a grammy and a gramps who love them so much.  who think about them when they’re not around, pray for them, rejoice with them in the good times, weep for them in the sad, hard times, plan things with them, teach them, model to them what family really is and how it works and what it looks like, and accept and love them unconditionally.

my children~my three adopted, don’t have one gene in their bodies from any one of us, and don’t look anything like us children.  they are known by their grammy and gramps and they are accepted and loved.

this is a gift beyond measure.  this is the love of Christ flowing from their grammy and gramps and injecting itself into the hearts and lives of my children.  and i am so incredibly grateful.

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