happy 35th!

when it is someone’s birthday(and by someone i mean anyone other than me), i often think about how that person is a gift to me.  how their life has blessed my life, made my life better.

today is my husband’s birthday.  today he’s 35.

he’s long teased me for being just about two years older than him.  i’m 36 right now and turned it while he was still 34.  this was a delight to him.  he’s also loved that i hit the mid-thirties before him.  but today, he’s right smack dab in the middle of his mid-thirties.  35.

over the past few days, i’ve been been thinking about his life.  his life with me.  his life with our kids.  i’m amazed.

he is a good man.  he’s a hard worker.  he’s a loyal son and brother.  he’s a loyal friend.

12 years ago he asked me out on a date and he’s been here since then.

he said yes to this:

and 5 years later he said yes to this:

and this:

and this:

and he’s been saying yes ever since.

he’s a loving and kind and extremely forgiving husband.  he points me back to Christ when i’m laden with guilt and sidetracked.  he’s an actively involved dad and our kiddos just adore him.  he wrestles with our boys and helps them with sports.  he makes our girl giggle.  he shares stories from the Bible with our family, sharing his knowledge and helping us know more of who God is.  he’s my partner in parenting, the guy on my team.

he’s a blessing.  a spouse and companion who is more than i could have asked or imagined.

happy 35th josh!  thanks for sharing your life with me.  it is a gift.


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