happy anniversary

five years.

five years ago today, josh and i got married.

five years.

it’s almost hard to believe.

ten years.

ten years ago, josh graduated from high school.

the reunion is tomorrow. not dreading it, but not looking forward to it much either.

three months.

on Sunday, it will be three months since the kids came home.

the five years and the three months really jump out at me. our marriage is stronger now, we are closer now, than we’ve been before. in some ways that’s surprising because the last three years have been the most challenging. full of challenges that would drive some marriages apart. thankfully though, the Lord has used all of our trials, to build us up.

our daughter and i spent some time watching our wedding video recently. my eyes filled with tears as i listened to the pastors talk about how God brought us together for a purpose. how He has a plan we can’t see, but He will use us to build His Kingdom. how He created us invidually, and how He made us into a couple, to bring Him glory. and i watched the video with my daughter. five years ago i could have never imagined where we would be. i always wanted to be a mother, but never dreamed of it happening the way it has.

and i never could have imagined the way God has chosen to use us in other areas of life as well. He has provided us with amazing opportunities to be involved in work for His Kingdom. and He has shown us together that living this life for Him is what life is all about.

and He has given me a best friend in my spouse. i wasn’t sure in the beginning if i’d literally be able to say that someday. today i can say it for sure. our marriage is good and strong and safe and fun and stable and growing. and i couldn’t ask for me.

thank you josh for five great years. i am looking forward to the next five. and the five after that, and the five after that, and on and on.

happy anniversary.

i love you.


  • Lee

    Happy Anniversary! Five years! Wow! I still remember you as the engaged couple in our young married abf! Congratulations you guys! Love you both and pray continued blessings on you and your marriage in the future!

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