happy birthday baby II

well, it’s been one year, and only a few posts since josh’s last birthday.

28, today. wow, what an old man!

me being 29, only since june, he still had the nerve to call me old this morning!

somethings never change, like his sense of humor. for that i am very grateful.

grateful also for his smile and his laugh. his blue eyes and sandy blonde
hair. his height. his work ethic. his creativity. his leadership. his desire to do what’s right and follow the Lord. his style. his grace, yes, his grace. he’s very suave at times. his desire to make me laugh, even when i am being a “crabtree”. the way he puts up with me and all the “stuff” i bring to our relationship. the way he talks. the way he talks with me, and listens. the way little things make him smile. the way he sings. the way he enjoys church. the way he enjoys his friends. the way he enjoys family. his desire for a family of our own. the way he prays for our children. the way he loves me. oh the way he loves me. so unconditional. he is a good model of the way Christ loved, especially in our home.

thank you baby, for everything. i hope this birthday is only the beginning of all of the birthdays we will celebrate together.

i love you.

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