amelia and i had our follow up appointment with the orthopedic doctor this morning.  before we went, we prayed.  we thanked the Lord that the injury wasn’t any worse.  we told Him that we’d like to have a smaller brace. and we asked Him to help us be okay with the outcome, no matter what.  we’d be okay if we got a smaller brace.  we’d be okay if we had to keep the big one.

we waited for an x-ray.


then we waited for the doctor, who had the results of the x-ray.


the knee cap is back in place.  the small fracture is still there, but apparently that doesn’t matter.  what matters is we took care of her knee well and it looks great.  the doctor was very pleased!  he said we could switch to  a smaller brace!  he said she can go back to basketball!  amelia said, “yes!”  i gave her a high-five and my heart praised the Lord.  He has brought healing to our sweet girl’s knee.

the new brace actually feels good and allows her to bend her knee.  she was so excited about that!



she’ll be back on the court saturday.  she may be a bit slow, but she’ll be back.  praise the Lord for healing!

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