here we go!

tonight we start training.  training to become licensed to foster~to~adopt.  i’m not ready!  i don’t know that i’ll ever feel ready.  i wasn’t ready the first time either!  but, this isn’t my timeline.  it’s God’s.

one week ago today we celebrated 6 years since the day we went to court to legally become a family.

today we take another step in the journey to another court date, to legally add to our family.

so much needs to happen.  7 weeks of training, 2 nights a week, 3 hours each night.  that’s a lot!

we have a home to prepare.  a completely unfinished basement that has been a giant storage room for almost 11 years needs to turn into an office(currently upstairs with the bedrooms)/playroom/storage area/utility room/extra bathroom, etc.  i get tired just thinking about it!  in the next couple weeks i will transition from my part-time role at church to a full-time role at home so i can get things done.

this is a big step, tonight.  i am full of many emotions.  the tears come easy.  we have no idea what is ahead for us, for our family.  amelia was home sick from school yesterday.  we made a quick trip to the store to get some air and get out of the house for a bit.  we had a conversation about how God has written our stories and we don’t know how they are written.  we talked about how He has things ready and waiting, waiting for us to take the next step into His plan.  we both smiled and were a bit in awe about how He already knows the whole story.  He can already see the end.  in fact, He’s already there.

a few reminders for me, and you too, from the Word, as we start this next adventure!




a friend of mine, kate (you should totally go read her blog too! seriously!), also in the process of a second adoption!(God’s timing is so amazing!), usually posts some prayer requests at the end of her blog posts.  i’m going to try that.  will you pray with us?

prayer requests:
~that God would be protecting and caring for whoever He has planned to join our family
~that God would continue to prepare our hearts for whoever He has planned to join our family
~that we would be able to prepare our home well
~that we would learn exactly what we need to learn in training and be able to speak from experience when it would be helpful
~that we would continue to faithfully take the steps God places before us


  • Donny

    Father God I lift up the Smith Family to you, the growing Smith Family! I praise You for their presence in our lives. I praise You for the inspiration they are for so many, including Jennifer and I. I praise You for their faith. I praise You that they take seriously the call of God on their lives. That they are committed to You, Father. I pray that You continue to give them the courage and the strength for them to live out what they are called to do in order to Glorify You. Prepare their hearts and continuously remind them of the promise that You are always with Your children and fill them continuously with the Holy Spirit and help them to meditate You, Your Word and Your plan for them daily. Because of this promise they know they can be strong and courageous.
    Father, I lift up the child or children that You are preparing to become part of the Smith family. I pray for their safety, mentally, physically and by the Holy Spirit.
    I pray that You help Josh and Kirsten prepare their home and their hearts and the children’s hearts for the additions to their family. I pray that you help them to learn exactly what You want them to learn, I pray that You guide their way, arrange their time, align their schedule so that they are able to make all the classes, absorb all the information and are able to act as imitations of Your Son, Jesus Christ, and be a shining example of how to Glorify You by boldly following You. I pray that You give them the bravery, fearlessness and determination to overcome any obstacles the evil one might place in the way of Your plan allowing them to take the steps You place before them. In Your Holy Name, Amen.

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