hi, i’m josh and this is my wife kirsten


last night started with some announcements~the cancellation policy, if you miss a class how to make it up at another location, don’t forget to sign in when you get here, etc.  then boom, intros.  “josh, tell us about yourself!”

we were in the front row (yes, we are those people) so it was easy to call on us to get things started.  “hi, i’m josh and this is my wife kirsten. we adopted a sibling group of three, six years ago, and we’re here to adopt again.”  there were a few gasps at the mention of a sibling group of three. we’re used to that, we get it often.  there was a thanks from the trainer and then on to the next couple.  “hi, i’m josh and this my wife kristen.”  kristen.  no joke.  everyone laughed.  we could hardly believe it!



it’s a two letter switch-a-roo.

busy day ahead so more to come later!

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