hip hop horray

remember that song? naughty by nature?

anyway, we’re back! well, we’ve been here all along, but three kids can easily take the blogging out of even the most faithful bloggers. not just the kids, but the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, the cleaning, the time-outing, the potty training, the diaper changing. i could go on and on. yes, i really could. and i should be cleaning right now as we are hosting a birthday party this weekend, but alas, i felt the call to finally update. and to chill out for a minute with some ben & jerry’s! hee hee!

life is good here. the kids have been home almost 9 months. they went on adoptive status in december and we go to court this month to finalize things. i can’t believe it!

we almost started off the new year with a big post about the kids including their pictures and their names. but, the husband and i had a disagreement about whether or not to post the kids real names. i wanted to, but he was concerned about their safety and their future. i kind of thought he was crazy, but now i agree with him. so, pictures and ficticious names, will be posted soon. thanks to starfish too, for helping me figure this whole name thing out.

and speaking of starfish, check out her little guy. and read their story. she’s a great writer, very funny. and an office fan. which if you are reading this, and you don’t watch the office, tonight’s a great night to start. NBC, 8:30pm Easten. be careful, you’ll get hooked!

okay, almost time to head to preschool, and the ben & jerry’s is getting mushy.

until next time…


  • Starfish

    Hey thanks for the shout out and welcome back! You can’t go away for so long like that – we worry about you! Glad all is well, and I hope I can see some updated pics soon.

    Get ready – a new office is on tonight!!!

  • Margaret

    I was happy to see you on my bloglines tonight! I’m glad things are going well and I’m thrilled to hear adoption time is drawing near!

    Love the new template, by the way.

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