how do you do such a good job?

we were riding in the car.  we were heading to boston market to pick up dinner for a family from our abf(adult Bible fellowship) who recently added a precious baby girl to their family.

amelia asked what her middle name used to be.  i answered.  “that’s so strange!” she said.

wilbur asked me to remind him of his former middle name too.  and his birthparents names.  and orville inquired about his middle name too.  they all three wondered why their birthparents chose those middle names.

“how do you do such a good job?” orville asked from the backseat.

“with what?”

“with remembering.”

“well, because i am your mom too.  and i love you.  and i learned these things about you a long time ago.  and i want to know them.  i want to remember them.  i want to share them with you so you can remember them too.”

if they only knew my overwhelming need to know.  my overwhelming need to remember.  my overwhelming love for them.

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