i can do a hamstand

wilbur has been busy trying to perfect the handstand.  he’s pretty good at it too.

he and josh were just talking about the time josh was trying to do a handstand outside in the front yard.

wilbur~remember that one time out in the front yard when you were trying to do a handstand?

josh~i can’t do a handstand, but i can do a hamstand.

wilbur~no, a handstand.

josh~no, i can do a hamstand.  i can get a piece of ham and stand on it.  ta-da!  a hamstand.

wilbur doesn’t really get it, but i am cracking up.  this man, he’s still making me laugh, everyday.

and in the midst of my laughter, he continues.

josh~i had a hamstand when i was a kid.  people would pull up and ask me why i had a hamstand and i’d tell them it’s because i didn’t have any lemonade.


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