i don’t want to be the only one in there

sis likes to spend the night at grammy and gramps’ all by herself.  the boys usually go together.  lately, wilbur has been wanting to go alone.  tonight, he did just that.

earlier today when we told him grammy invited him to sleepover, orville said, “but i will have to sleep by myself. i don’t want to be the only one in there.”  he’s never slept alone.

in their foster home, they all shared a room.  in our home, the boys have always shared a room.  orville doesn’t want to the only one in his room.  he doesn’t want to be in there alone.

he was on the verge of tears when i suggested sis could sleep in wilbur’s bed.  he asked her and she said yes.  she was excited because the boys just got new loft beds and this was her chance to sleep in one for the night.  and, she thinks orville is just the cutest thing in the world!

the boys in their new beds.

sis in wilbur’s bed(yes, with her pink comforter and green and white polka dot pillowcase!).


now orville isn’t the only one in there.



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