"i will not be silent

i will not be quiet anymore
no, i will not be silent
i will not be quiet anymore”
david crowder band

i am back, and i am hoping it’s for good. every Sunday for the past few weeks, i have contemplated trying to blog every day. this always happens in church because that is the main place i am always reminded of who i am, why i am here. then monday hits, and the daily grind comes with it, and i lose sight of many things. but every day, God still speaks to me, still works in my life, and i feel like i need to share that more often. yes, i can share these things with those around me, and i do. but, i feel like i can broaden my horizons and share here too.

there is lots of inspiration behind all the words i share here. lots of inspiration behind this life i am living. the main inspiration is Jesus. i feel like i haven’t said that clearly enough before. i don’t know, maybe i have. but, sara groves, of course, can help me sum it up.

“the only thing that isn’t meaningless to me,
is Jesus Christ and the way He sets free.
this is all that i have, this is all that i am.
it’s all that i have, and it’s all that i am.”

and it’s that simple. and it’s because of grace. God’s grace. and by His grace, He has allowed me the privilege of motherhood. and there is nothing else in my life right now that can so easily show me how much i really need God’s grace.

i am hoping there are still a few of you out there who wonder how things here are going. i am pleased to tell you, things are going well. it’s been four months now, and we all really seem to be bonding. it feels like we are really a family.

our daughter, the eldest, just started preschool on wednesday. she loves it so far, but it’s only been two days. we started swimming lessons saturday, for our daughter and our middle son. our ‘baby’ is 19 months old now. he’s changed so much since we met him and he’s becoming a little boy now. we have days that we stay home all day, and they are actually good days.

it’s still hard sometimes, still an adjustment. but, it’s very worth it. it’s fun to watch the kids grow and change. and it’s fun to watch josh and i grow and change. we parent so similarly it’s crazy. it’s great and it makes things much easier. but sometimes i am amazed at how easily we make parenting decisions because we are really on the same page.

so as things continue to meld together, i will share about them here. and the kids say and do the craziest, and cutest things. i need to share those too. and God and i have huge, great moments together, and i want to share those as well.

and i hope you’re all still out there, and doing well, and still interested in stopping by and checking in on our lives.

and i hope you too are experiencing God’s grace.


  • Lee

    Glad you are back! Funny how Sunday’s put everything back in perspective and then Monday hits. We are fortunate to also have church on Wednesday nights and that really helps mid-week to be reminded. It is amazing how this world pulls you this way and that. What a battle! But God is gracious and good! Thanks for your post! It was good to hear from you through it. And we are really looking forward to seeing you in NOVEMBER!!!! Can hardly wait!!

  • Stephanie

    Yes I’m still here! So glad to hear from you, although I knew things were probably fine, just really busy! Glad you’re going to make an effort to blog more often.

  • Gary

    Kir – yep, we’re still here, and still love to read your udpates! Great to hear how church has that effect every week. I feel the same way about Sundays. How is your ABF going? Hope you guys are doing well and we miss you still! Love in Christ, Gary & Jennie U

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